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Awards & Recognitions


"Someone who is an established business leader, entrepreneur, community leader or up-and-comer who has blazed a trail in the business world in their careers. We're looking for quantifiable results and compelling stories to tell our readers. Nominees should be the best and brightest our community has to offer."

Source: Milwaukee Business Journal FAQ

RR 4u4.jpg

Reginald Reed Jr. (2019)

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"Now in its 32nd year, the Future 50 program recognizes companies in the seven-county Milwaukee Region that have been experiencing strong growth in both revenue and employment. The Future 50 list is compiled through an objective evaluation of each applicant’s growth, using a proprietary formula to analyze financial data that has been verified by independent sources."
To qualify for the award, a company must fit the following criteria:

  • headquartered in the seven-county Milwaukee Region

  • independently owned

  • in business for at least three years

  • demonstrate strong growth in revenue and employment over the past three years

future 50.png

"We rarely hear inspiring stories of individuals whose lives are transformed through the hard work and perseverance that leads to meaningful employment. By publicly honoring these individuals we inspire others. We promote the programs that offer a helping hand. Perhaps most importantly, we rekindle hope and energize the work ethic by shining a spotlight on successful role models. It’s time for a new kind of hero."

me and ray.png

Secretary of DWD Ray Allen (Left)

Reginald Reed Jr. (Right)  (2016)

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