Mindful Staffing Solutions is the birthplace of the "Real-Time Resume"

In our proprietary data collection system (R.E.I.G.N) or Real-Time Employee Intelligence Gathering Network, we are able to collect the data that matters most to you. We gather, in real-time, relevant information about our students and employees performance ratings, attendance, skill levels, task-specific exposure and more. We then use that data to create the Real-Time Resume which displays each candidate in the form of metrical data. 

As the employer, you have the luxury of viewing these metrics before making hiring decisions and choosing the data set that you feel makes the best addition to your team. 

This creates an unbiased, performance-based, vertical mobility for individuals who are building careers while protecting employers from fraudulent resumes and high turn-over. 

Become a partner today and use metric based placements to efficiently grow your team the right way. 

Software coming soon for independent use!