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About Us

Mindful Staffing Solutions LLC was founded on April 8th, 2016 by Milwaukee native, Reginald Reed Jr. Reed founded the company at the age of 32 after a 13-year career in the construction industry. With more than a year of planning, Mindful was founded on the vision of bringing passion and principle back to all areas of employment with a high focus on technical and skilled trades.

Reginald believes that the key to unlocking poverty lies with education and opportunity for real careers. So thus the model was born and the journey to create a self-sustained, cost-free, post-secondary education option that was linked directly to jobs and influenced by performance and technology began.

Reed dreams of the day that this option is present in every community that lacks opportunity for those who need it most. Training, employment, performance data, and supportive services are what's needed to create an unbiased world of work. 


Since it's birth Mr. Reed has created (2) additional Mindful companies, (Mindful Measures LLC and Mindful Performance Division LLC) along with (1) Mindful affiliated non-profit organization, The Mindful Group  

This collage of Mindful Companies is on a mission to change the world, beginning with poverty.  

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